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Water and utility distribution networks comprise hundreds of thousands of miles of pipes and transmission lines, with a corresponding number of support structures. The need to provide a much higher level of protection against vandalism, sabotage and attack is of critical concern to local communities, water suppliers, industrial companies, and state and national agencies.

Operators have recognized video surveillance as the best method for improving security and reducing vulnerability. Video provides operators with the visual information they need to effectively monitor and manage remote facilities, like well fields, pumping stations, and water towers. Until now, installing video surveillance for remote facilities required a new, separate, and expensive communications network to incorporate available technology.

Unlike stand-alone security systems that use closed-circuit or broadband networks for video transmission, the Longwatch Video Surveillance system can utilize existing SCADA low-bandwidth communications networks to transmit video. The system enables operators to efficiently manage both system alarms and security alarms on the same system.

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Product Features Benefits
SCADA enabled
Integrates with existing systems
Optimizes investment
One operator can manage system and security alarms
Secure communication
Communications over existing networks
Low or High bandwidth
No Need for installation of costly communications network
Utilizes: radio, phone, or satellite
Automatic Alarm Notification Automatic video files transfer on alarm to key personnel and first responders
Download file directly to any web enabled phone
Alarm Verification Ability to assess situation before notifying first responders
Reduce time spent responding to false alarms
Advanced Image Analysis System intuitively looks for suspicious activity
Alarm Management Records alarm history with related video clip
Stores 30 days of video
Tracks, reports, and archives all alarms
Guard Tour Mode Scheduled video updates from multiple cameras in one view
Self Diagnostics Easy to install, operate, and maintain

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