. 2020 Digital Software Summit Recap

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2020 Digital Software Summit

A LIVE! Virtual Factory Automation Conference


2020 Digital Software Summit at a Glance

At the 2020 Digital Software Summit, we virtually showcased the software that helps your hardware operate!

Attendees had the opportunity to learn from our engineering experts LIVE! as they demonstrated their favorite
automation software that will make your job easier and make your factory run more efficiently.


1 Day
11 Experts
8 30-min Presentations
2 Post Event Classes


Presentations On-Demand!

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Randy Barnes


Randy Barnes

Sales Manager, EandM

Welcome & Opening

Let's talk software over your morning coffee! Learn how to leverage the software that runs your hardware to make your job easier.


Getting Your Project Off the Ground

Transform your ideas to reality! Explore great tools to help organize and build your projects, without the surprise of missing any important parts.

Hardik Thakkar

TIA Selection Tool

Hardik Thakkar

Product Specialist, EandM

Create your bill of materials without missing any important components.

Select everything you need for your automation project, then directly export the configuration into Excel using the TIA Portal Selection Tool by Siemens.

Melissa Giramma

Sizer for Siemens Drives

Melissa Giramma

Product Specialist, EandM

Your one-stop-shop for defining your mechanical requirements!

Learn all about the free Sizer software by Siemens. Find out how to quickly and correctly size motors and drives for your motion requirements.

Jon Hill


Jon Hill

Product Specialist, EandM

This is not your typical automation simulator!

Did you know TIA Portal has a feature to simulate your PLC programs? Get the basics on writing and testing code without hardware with the PLCSIM tool by Siemens.


Managing Your Fleet

Is your company based in different areas? Monitor and manage your equipment conditions from anywhere and at any time!

Alexa Balbuena


Alexa Balbuena

Product Specialist, EandM

Access and support your control systems anywhere in the world.

Connect your VPN tunnel to your control panel and receive push notifications, updates, and downloads. Troubleshoot your control systems with the HMS Talk2M software and create dashboards and alarms for better predictive maintenance.

BCM Sensors


Blake Gieseler

Gina Prosperi

Darius Frick

Don’t wait until it’s too late before you realize something is wrong.

Discover Balluff Condition Monitoring (BCM) Sensors that can track three axis vibration and provide temperature monitoring using a single sensor!


One-Stop-Shop for Inspection, Tracking & Configuration Needs!

Optimize your inspection process and keep track of all your assets, while increasing process efficiency.

Eric Keller


Eric Keller

Product Specialist, EandM

Unlock the power of configuring your field devices with one software package!

Start from the basics and familiarize yourself with the SOPAS software by SICK. Learn about this free built-in diagnostic toolset for faster problem solving and commissioning verification.

Automation Light Grids

Sandeep Somasundaran

Application Engineer, SICK

Simply detect more during inspection.

Detect any object, even the invisible, using automation light grids and SOPAS software by SICK.


What is this IO-Link You Speak Of…?

Discover how to leverage and use IO-Link to your advantage!

TIA Portal & IO-Link


Bill Hints

Bill Hints

Akshay Bhati

Set-up a distributed remote IO-Link module!

Using IO-Link technology and the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) software by Siemens, learn how to configure your project, network, and remote I/O on IO-Link.