. 2020 Robotics Roadshow Recap

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Accessorize Your Robot

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The Future of Robotics has Arrived!

Thank you for joining us and discovering the steps needed to bring your automated
robot applications to the next level.

We hope that you enjoyed learning about modular designs, accessories and other important
components to bring your industrial application together.

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Future of Robotics



Juan Aparicio


What is the future of industrial robotics and where is it going next?

Hear the vision from Siemens about the next generation of flexible manufacturing, edge robotics and smart machines.


Buying a Robot


Techman Robot Programming Software

Grayson Bedolli

Techman USA

How simple is your robot programming software?

See how easy it is to setup and program a Techman robot straight from the box using the Techman Flow programming software.

Kristian Hulgard

Robotic Grippers

Kristian Hulgard


A complete robot toolbox!

Discover all the new accessories from OnRobot that would be fitting for any robot toolset.

Mark Patterson

Cobotic Accessories Program

Mark Patterson


A robotic gripper kit with a LEGO-like design.

Create your own robotic grippers - the way you want - with the Flex Grip Tools by SCHUNK. Learn about the customizable, modular gripper kits that are part of the CAP (Cobotic Accessories Program) portfolio.

Henry Toal

Modular Automation Structures

Henry Toal


Time-saving modular solutions.

Gain insights about clever modular mechanical automation structures for smart machines including extrusions, linear motion, conveyors and fences.


Building a Robot

Amir Mohtasham

Hard Guarding using Safety Switches

Amir Mohtasham


Need to secure the guarding around your robot?

View different styles of safety switches from IDEM including gate closures, interlocking systems and non-contact switches.


Safety Sensors

Tyler Glieden


The world’s smallest safety scanner!

Save space with the nanoScan3 by SICK, a compact safety laser scanner that’s highly precise and extremely robust.

Ryan Morris

3D Belt Picking

Ryan Morris


Step up your belt picking applications.

See how 3D technology enables reliable detection and gentle handling based on the true shape of each object. Quick change-over to new products – without teach-in!

Melissa Giramma

Wheel Drive Systems

Melissa Giramma\


Simplify motion control with smart wheel drives.

Go on a tour and explore smart wheel drive servo systems for your mobile and industrial applications.

Alexa Balbuena

Edge Communication Devices

Alexa Balbuena


Don’t forget about your communication devices!

Discover the ways of getting your machine and manufacturing data into the cloud using edge devices from HMS.