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EandM is Your Local Source and Support for Robotunits Aluminum Extrusion

Robotunits aluminum extrusion is a modular construction system that uses aluminum profiles to create various structures such as machine frames, workstations, and conveyor systems.
Robotunits is known for its high-quality aluminum extrusions that are lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble.

EandM's Local Extrusion Shop

Based in Healdsburg, California, EandM's Robotunits designers, engineers and assembly team can work with you to produce the frame you need for your application!
From concept to assembly, the EandM Engineering team has you covered with services including:

Design & Engineering Specifications

  • Developing initial frame designs

  • Crossing over other extrusion brands to Robotunits

  • Load calculations and other mechanical engineering services

Customization Services

  • Powder coating

  • Painting

  • Polycarbonate panels

  • and more!

EandM can cut, tap, package and ship extrusion directly from our Robotunits Aluminum Extrusion shop in Healdsburg, California, saving our west coast customers money on shipping.

Watch this video to see where we cut and assemble Robotunits Aluminum Extrusion in Healdsburg, CA.

What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Aluminum extrusions play a significant role in industrial automation due to their versatility, durability, and ease of use. Here are several ways aluminum extrusions are utilized in industrial automation:

Framework & Machine Bases

Aluminum extrusions are used to create robust frameworks for machinery, assembly lines, and workstations. These frameworks provide structural support and flexibility for mounting various automation components such as sensors, actuators, conveyors, and robotic arms.

Enclosures & Safety Guards

Extrusions are employed in creating enclosures and safety guards around automated equipment to ensure worker safety and protect machinery from external elements.

Conveyor Systems

Aluminum extrusions form the structure of conveyor systems used for material handling within industrial setups. They offer a lightweight yet sturdy base for conveyor belts, rollers, and guides.

Modular Systems

The modular nature of aluminum extrusions allows for easy modification and expansion of automation setups. Components can be quickly added, removed, or rearranged to accommodate changes in production requirements.

Workstations & Ergonomic Fixtures

Extrusions are used to build ergonomic workstations that can be adjusted for optimal operator comfort and efficiency. This includes adjustable height tables, tool racks, and assembly stations.

Linear Motion Systems

Aluminum extrusions serve as a foundation for linear motion systems, guiding and supporting the movement of various components along precise paths. These systems are vital in robotics and automated assembly lines.

Customized Solutions

Manufacturers often utilize aluminum extrusions to create custom-designed solutions for specific automation needs. These could range from specialized frames for electronics to unique mounting solutions for sensors and cameras.

Why Partner Together?


Why Robotunits?

Get near endless design possibilities with minimal assembly time!
Check out this video to learn more about Robotunits unique LEGO-like fastening technology that will be a huge time saver for your team - from design to assembly.

One system for everything: the core of the Modular Automation System is the unique fastening technology for aluminum extrusions. Two extrusion sizes that can be combined with each other in 40mm and 50mm series, as well as a matching standard T-slot size of 14mm that is uniform in all extrusions, open up a wide range of possibilities.

One T-slot in all extrusions

  • 13 extrusion shapes in 40mm and 50mm extrusion sizes simplify the application

  • Large, uniform 14mm wide and 14mm deep T-slot

  • Same T-slot dimensions on all extrusions in the Modular Automation System

No half-measure, but double effect

  • Two-sided fastener provides equal strength on both sides of the connection

  • Double security - same cost

  • No additional connectors needed

  • Strength comparable to a welded connection

Highest Stability at Every Point

  • Securely connected with a Robotunits' unique global fastening technology, ensuring a play-free, positive-locking, and centrally aligned connection.

  • One single fastener yields up to 4 tons of tensile strength

  • Tubular honeycomb structure for outstanding torsion and load resistance

Any hole drilled is one hole too many

  • All connections made without drilling or milling - no time spent for machining or set-up

  • Maximum wall thickness at the critical extrusion points

  • Unlimited re-usability

  • For required holes, an integrated location groove guarantees precise and straight drilling

Stability increases with every turn

  • Centering inserts are pressed into the extrusion T-slot by screwing

  • Absolutely play-free, positive-locking and centrally aligned connection

  • Concave surface of extrusion guarantees durable vibration resistance

  • Low fastener height saves space in your design

Inserting the drop-in nut

  • Simple and quick insertion of the drop-in nut into the 14mm wide T-slot

  • Leaf spring assembly protects drop-in nut against unintended movement, guaranteed contact surface

  • To position the drop-in nut, just slide to stop position

Anything is possible - even post assembly

  • Simple post-assembly integration of extrusions without dismantling the frame

  • Easy repositioning of extrusions at any time

  • No cutting of existing structures

  • No surface treatment required

Save time & cut cost

  • Assembly in record time due to use of screws in standard lengths

  • Simple and quick selection of extrusion and fastening technology

  • No measuring of boreholes and no detailed drawings necessary

  • Just determine the extrusion length during design

Application Examples

Machine Guarding
Machine Guarding
Machine Frame
Machine Frame
Robot Cell
Robot Cell
MRO Equipment
MRO Equipment
Custom Colors
Custom Colors

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