EandM 2019 Automation Roadshow

Factory of the Future

We're Bringing the Factory of the Future to You...LIVE!


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2019 EandM California Automation Roadshow

At the 2019 EandM California Automation Roadshow, we were able to bring the factory of the future to all attendees...LIVE!

Take a look at some of the highlights from this year's event.


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Is Your Company Embracing Innovation?

During this era of rapid change, a wave of innovation is changing systems, business models and whole industries to create new opportunities.

While most organizations understand the need to embrace new technologies, breaking through the early stages of adoption often presents a serious challenge.

What Will the Factories of Tomorrow Look Like?

A recent study identified several manufacturing companies which are showcasing what the future factory could look like and offer a blueprint for other manufacturers to follow.

These companies managed to adapt their operations in three key areas:


Flexible Automation



Rather than replacing operators with machines, these future-thinking factories are transforming work to make it less repetitive, more interesting, diversified and productive.


We Brought the Factory of the Future to You!

At our 2019 Automation Roadshow we demonstrated - LIVE! - an actual production line showcasing the best technologies to help you move beyond the trial stages of innovation.


Product Information

Energy Suite

SIMATIC Energy Suite, as an option for TIA Portal, efficiently links energy management with automation, thus creating energy transparency in the production system.

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The flexible drive system for high-performance motion control applications.

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SIMOCODE pro is the easy to use, reliable, and the most advanced motor management system on the market.

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G120 VFD with PROFINET and Ethernet IP

With direct network connectivity, these SINAMICS Drives fit comfortably within your plant’s network.

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3VA Circuit Breakers

The new 3VA molded case circuit breaker offers safe, flexible and efficient application options for low-voltage power distribution.

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SINEMA Remote Connect provides users access to remote plants or machines for convenient and secure maintenance.

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S7-1500T Motion Controller

The first choice wherever a high dynamic response and precise motion is demanded.

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Enable very easy and fast communication between two PROFINET IO controllers.

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The smart concept for the standardized connection of sensors and switching devices to the control level.

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Configure custom monitoring for your machine or plant, while diagnosing faults in the process.

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Virtual machine design and commissioning.

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Sensors and application solutions.

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A full line of plug-and-produce end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative applications.

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Manufacturer and service provider for communication solutions

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Thank you again for your attendance at the 2019 EandM California Automation Roadshow!
We hope to see you again at one of our upcoming events.

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