Siemens: Engineering Software

How do you control your automation engineering costs? Siemens suite of engineering software gives you the tools to manage the entire engineering life cycle – from design on through ongoing maintenance.


  • An integrated engineering environment for logic, motion, and process on a single platform
  • A single point for system-wide engineering
  • Modular structured approach - design your automation around your process
  • The flexibility provided by support for all five IEC 61131-3 languages

Automation Engineering

STEP 7 Basis is the core tool for engineering the SIMATIC architecture. IEC 61131-3 LAD, FBD and IL languages


Extended Engineering Suite

STEP 7 Professional is a value bundle of STEP 7, S7-Graph, S7-SCL, and S7-PLCSIM


Extended Closed Loop Software

PID Control has loadable function blocks for medium to complex control tasks.


Sequential Function Chart

S7-Graph enables graphical programming of sequential functions using IEC 61131-3 SFC language.


Text-Based High-Level Language

S7-SCL is a high-level language for programming complex functions using IEC 61131-3 ST language.


Continuous Function Chart

S7-CFC enables graphical interconnection and parameterization of standard and user-defined function blocks.


PLC Simulation

S7-PLCSIM enables an offline simulation of any SIMATIC PLC for testing of applications before start-up.


Process Diagnostics

S7-PDIAG allows you to configure process diagnostics (i.e. limit switch failure) as part of your control strategy.


Remote Monitoring

S7-Teleservice enables remote monitoring and maintenance of SIMATIC systems.


Positioning Control Software

EasyMotion provides flexible and cost-effective software-based positioning control. It conforms with PLCopen motion control.