Siemens: Distributed I/O

Siemens offers the widest range of input / output modules available to fit your automation requirements.

  • Motor Starter and positioning modules to control motion
  • Integrated Safety Features up to level Category 4
  • Distributed Intelligence with CPUs at the I/O level
  • Profibus and DeviceNet, two of the most popular industrial busses
  • Now with PROFINET
  • Highly granular from 2 I/O to 32 I/O points per module
  • Specialty modules like Radio Frequency Identification (RF-ID) and Temperature Control
  • Environmental protection from IP20 to IP67

IP 20 Modular I/O - ET 200SP

The SIMATIC ET 200SP a highly modular system installed on 35mm DIN rail and generally comprises: an interface module, up to 64 hot-swappable I/O modules, plugged into passive base units in any combination.


IP 20 Modular I/O - ET 200MP

The ET 200MP I/O system in IP20 degree of protection is scalable. It’s used as a centralized I/O with S7-1500 and in distributed configurations with PROFINET or PROFIBUS. Each station can accommodate up to 30 I/O modules.


Simatic ET 200Pro (Machine Mount)

SIMATIC ET 200pro is the new modular I/O system with a high degree of protection - IP65/66/67 for local, cabinetless applications.


Simatic ET 200AL (Machine Mount)

The SIMATIC ET 200AL is specially designed for distributed control electronics in tight spaces and involving motion. The SIMATIC ET 200AL devices are quickly and conveniently configured and commissioned using the TIA Portal.


Simatic ET 200Eco PN (Machine Mount)

The ET 200eco PN is designed for machine builders and OEM’s who require IP65/67 protection for cabinetless designs. Putting the I/O points where they are needed on the machine reduces wiring time and costs.


Simatic ET 200Eco IO-Link Master (Machine Mount)

The SIMATIC ET 200eco PN is a compact block I/O with PROFINET connection in protection class IP 65/67 for cabinet-free installation directly on the machine. This new, fully revised series offers a new and compact housing, higher current carrying capacity, and much more.