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Training: On-site Classes

Do you have several people you'd liked trained at the same time—without sending them away?

Do you need training on specific applications?

Do you have a facility far away that needs training?

Why not let EandM training come to you?

Whether it's a standard class or a custom class, EandM can bring the computers, software and all the hardware needed to bring targeted, high quality training to your staff.

What's included?

Here is a sample of what can be included with EandM on-site training. Please be assured that the quality training that you want will be delivered! If there's something that is missing from this list that you would like to include in your custom training—just ask our Training Department!

  • Dedicated, qualified instructor on-site for the duration of the course.
  • An LCD projector for the lecture and discussion portions of the course.
  • Transportation, setup and dismantling of computers.
  • Transportation, setup and configuration of all applicable software including licensing.
  • Setup and configuration of network environment.
  • Procurement and transportation of applicable lab hardware
  • Setup and configuration of applicable lab hardware.
  • All courseware including manuals, handouts and electronic media (CD, floppy disk, etc)
  • Certificates and cool awards for all students who successfully complete the course
  • Clean-up and/or deletion of all software loaded and created during the course.
  • Re-packing and transportation of all classroom materials (hardware, software, lab equipment and course materials) to be shipped from site.

List of All Classes

See a complete list of all EandM classes here.

Custom Classes

Are you interested in a class that covers a specific application, a specific process or a special length of time?

Our Training Department will work with you to structure a class to meet your needs. See more information on Custom Classes here.

Common Questions

How long does it take to setup an on-site class?

In general, a few hours one day in advance of the course is required for setup and usually half a day is required for dismantling. In most cases, this may be accomplished on the same day as the course completion date.

How long is an on-site class?

Typical course hours are from 8:30 AM to 4 PM each day. Of course, since the class is at your site, we can advise you to plan the best learning environment for your group.

Where can we have a custom class?

For most classroom settings, we will need a large room that will comfortably fit a computer per student. The instructor will also have a computer, test hardware as well as a whiteboard for lab discussions and a screen for projecting lecture topics. If a room is not available in your facility, we recommend using local hotels.

Can I have the same training class travel to several different locations?

EandM's training staff will travel to meet your needs.