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Training: Custom Classes

Do you have a specific software or hardware application that your employees need to understand?

Do field service personnel need a better overall understanding of machine automation so that they can troubleshoot problems quicker?

Are you under pressure to get personnel up to speed?

EandM offers a standard set of PLC and HMI software and hardware classes. However, if you don't see exactly what you want, why not build your own custom class with EandM to meet your automation and control requirements?

Save Time and Money

Whether it's for Engineering, Sales, IT or Field Service, EandM will develop the appropriate agenda to help your audience get the most out of every minute of the class. You tell us what type of audience, and we'll tailor the class to their needs.

What's in a Custom Class?

It's up to you! EandM will create classes based on what you tell us you need. Need inspiration? Here are some examples of custom classes already created:

  • What is your goal for the class?
    Example: "Our technicians must be able to troubleshoot and maintain our machine with minimum support."
    Example: "Our sales force must have a general understanding of the technology used on our machines."
  • List all topics you'd like covered.
    Example: "Upon completion, students should understand Wonderware InTouch alarming, Ethernet networking, and PLC basics."
    Example: "Students should understand industrial network topology and data storage activity between the PLC and HMI network."
  • For very specific applications, send us a copy of your program. We can structure a class that reviews the code and program structure in detail.

Examples of Custom Classes

Looking for creative guidance or inspiration? Take a look at some Custom Classes EandM has already created:

  • Basic PLC Programming
  • Statement List Programming
  • Ladder Logic Programming
  • PLC Troubleshooting/Maintenance
  • WW Troubleshooting/Maintenance
  • InTouch-to-PLC Connections
  • Profibus Communications
  • Industrial Ethernet Communications
  • SST Communication Card Installation and Setup
  • ProTool Programming
  • Understanding the Profibus 7-Layer Protocol
  • Stepper Motor Control with S7-200 PLCs
  • PID Programming and Control
  • Networked Applications with InTouch
  • InTouch Alarming
  • InTouch Trending
  • InTouch Advanced Tag Functionality
  • DDE Servers
  • Industrial Networks
  • Siemens S5 … and much more!

List of Classes

See a complete list of EandM classes here

On-site Classes

Your custom class can be at the EandM San Francisco Training Site or at your site.

Whether it's a standard class or a custom class, EandM can bring the PCs, software and all the hardware needed to bring high quality training to your staff.

See information about On-site Classes or send an e-mail to EandM's Training Department or
call 866-myEandM (866-693-2636).

Common Questions

How long is a Custom Class?

As long as you want! 1, 2 or 3 days? 1, 2 or 3 weeks? EandM can even develop a linked set of courses that will enable multiple departments within the same facility to understand general or specific industrial automation applications.

Can you teach the same class at multiple locations?

EandM Training travels to wherever students are waiting! For more information about taking your training on the road, click here.

How long does it take to develop a Custom Class?

That depends...As a rule of thumb, we will work with you to create a class that fits your budget, scope and goals. If we have developed a similar class, the agenda can be created quickly. For new topics, expect several telephone discussions and proposals before finalizing the plan.

What are the prerequisites?

EandM can structure classes to meet most experience levels, including novice users all the way to expert users.