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EandM collaborates with an extensive global network of Product Partners to offer the broadest spectrum of relevant software and hardware solutions. These solutions are tailored to maximize a company's operational success.

HMS Industrial Networks is the leading independent supplier of products for industrial communication. HMS' products enable industrial devices to connect to different industrial networks and also be monitored and controlled remotely. HMS has three brands for industrial communication: Anybus, IXXAT, and Netbiter. Although they solve different connectivity issues for different customers, they are all Connecting Devices™.


Anybus® gateways are stand-alone "translators" connecting devices, machines, networks and PLC systems.

Anybus Communicators

  • Connects non-networked devices via a serial RS232/422/485 cable
  • Supports Modbus RTU, DF1, ASCII and proprietary serial and CAN based protocols
  • Connects devices to all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks

Anybus X-Gateway

  • Over 200 combinations that connect between open standard Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks
  • Master and Slave combinations available
  • Ideal for factory retro-fits and upgrades

Anybus Wireless Bridge

Anybus Wireless Bridge enables you to create a robust wireless connection to an industrial device. The solution is ideal for communication through hazardous areas or hard-to-reach locations where cables are not desirable.

  • Wireless bridging of BACnet/IP, EtherNetI/P, Modbus-TCP, PROFINET
  • Bluetooth and WiFI 2.4/5 GHz versions (dual-band support)
  • Easy push button configuration


The Netbiter remote management solution gives you instant access and control of your field equipment. You can view all parameters online in a standard web interface and also get alarms via e-mail or SMS.

Netbiter EasyConnect 300-series

  • Instant connectivity to your remote equipment
  • Supports "Remote Access" — remote programming of a PLC or machine 
  • Connectivity via GSM/GPRS/ 5-band 3G or via dual-band separated Ethernet
  • Firewall-friendly, no fixed IP addresses.
  • Certified for operation on the AT&T wireless 3G network
  • Remote Access to your Siemens' PLC : video
  • More information


IXXAT solutions enable communication inside machines, industrial automation devices, medical equipment etc. Especially for the automotive industry, IXXAT provides solutions combining CAN, EtherCat, FlexRay, and Ethernet technology.

USB to CAN Compact

  • High data throughput with minimum latency and low power consumption
  • CAN driver VCI for Windows, Linux, LABView, VxWorks


  • Allows simple, flexible access from a PC to CAN systems via Ethernet
  • Supports TCP/IP protocol


  • CAN Termination
  • CAN cables

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