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Siemens: Safety Integrated

The program for protecting man, machine, environment and process for the world's industries

Whether in field applications, machine safety, process engineering or in person conveyance: modern technologies in automation demand maximum safety for man, machine and environment.

Safety Products

Safety PLCs

The failsafe SIMATIC controllers monitor themselves, detect faults autonomously, and change into a safe state or remain in their current safe state the instant a fault occurs.

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PROFIsafe Safety Field Bus

Co-existence of safety-orientated communication and standard communication on one and the same cable

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Safety Relays

Siemens SIRIUS safety relays have been protecting people and machines for decades. Siemens now offers solid-state safety relays in addition to safe Load Feeders.

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Safety Devices

Form E-stop devices to door guards, cable pull switches to safety magnet switches, Siemens provides a comprehensive array of field safety devices.

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Safe Motion Control

SINUMERIK Safety Integrated provides integrated prototype-tested safety functions for the effective protection of personnel and machines. All safety functions satisfy the requirements of Safety Category 3 in accordance with EN 954-1 and Requirement Class 4 as per DIN V VDE 0801.

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