Balluff's New I/O Module with CIP Safety Protection

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Learn how you can integrate Balluff’s new CIP Safety Block into your Ethernet/IP system!

Automation needs safety and reliability. To ensure these for systems and operators, Balluff offers a comprehensive safe networking portfolio, that now includes a new CIP Safety I/O module.

Balluff’s new BNI00HN Safety Block is a reliable solution for the safe connection of sensors and actuators to industrial controllers, even in harsh environments with influences such as dust, vibration or liquid.

The module, which can be mounted directly on the machine and has an IP67-certified housing, communicates with safety components via EtherNet/IP using the CIP Safety protocol.

The combination of protocols enables the exchange of safety and standard control data as well as diagnostic information over a single Ethernet network.

The module provides 12 safe inputs and 4 safe outputs. The integrated memory key enables the module to be exchanged in less than one minute without special tools and renewed commissioning.

What You'll Learn

This 30-minute webinar will provide you with details on the integration, acquisition, and control of safety components in safe applications up to SIL3 and CAT4/PLe.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Reliable processing of safe application data

  • Connection of single and dual channel safety devices

  • Suitability for the connection of safety and standard components