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SICK, Inc.

In 1946, Erwin Sick founded an engineering office that would apply his practical knowledge of electronics to the physics of light and the problems facing industry as it moved into a new era of automation.

Soon, SICK unveiled its first photoelectric sensor – an overwhelming success. Then, SICK developed the first safety light curtain, setting the standard for industrial safety applications. These designs were the first in a long line of patented innovations. SICK now holds more than 350 patents in industrial sensors, safety controls, bar code scanners and environmental monitors, providing you with the forefront of sensing technology.

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Safety Products

  • Concerned about OSHA and other safety requirements?
  • Concerned about loss of equipment due to collision?
  • Installing or building a hazardous machine?

Think Safety! Think SICK! In fact SICK was instrumental in initiating and setting standards for industrial machine safety around the world! SICK offers devices for every level of safety to protect human bodies for accidents – Type 2, 3 and 4.

SICK continues to develop innovative point of operation devices, optical perimeter and area guards. Advanced functions include fixed, floating, and multiple point floating blanking, Presence Sensing Device Initiation (PSDI) and multiple configurable muting controls.

Light Curtains (Optical Perimeter and Area Guards)

Want a door where you can't put a door? Want to guard something but can't afford a 24x7 uniformed guy? Install a SICK light curtain to prevent on-the-job injury! In fact light curtains are perfect for all kinds of industrial machinery such as bottling and labeling machines, pick and place.

As the inventor of the light curtain, today SICK meets all safety standards including ANSI and European safety standards. Continuous innovations have reduced cost, reduced wiring and reduced size. SICK manufactures the thinnest light curtain (10 mm) around – perfect for packaging safety. And SICK light curtains are super compact – guard-only applications need just the sticks and the relays to reduce wiring and cost.

Safety Interlocks – Hard guarding or fixed guarding applications!

Do you have flimsy or lightweight doors on your machine? Doors that don't close with a safe "bang?” If so, you can add a safety interlock so that you can be assured that the door is safely closed without chance of injury. SICK safety interlocks are Magnetic Type 4 RF (Radio frequency) to ensure super high quality and they are "control reliable.” That means they double-check for accuracy before signaling ok.

Safety Mats

Looking for a mat that stops traffic – forever? SICK Safety Mats have infinite life – no matter what's rolling over and walking on it. No more wearing out and replacement cycles.

Proximity Laser Scanners

The SICK PLS is a versatile sensor device that can

  • Reduce wiring of light curtains by replacing 2 with 1 PLS! The PLS is a self-contained device that includes sensor, mounting and wiring.
  • Replace worn out security mats with a PLS that uses a fan of lasers instead of weight and pressure.
  • Protect a very flexible area. In fact you can stretch the sensing range like rubber to meet your requirements – up to 12' away!
  • And, SICK LMS are currently installed on Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV), inventory and warehouse systems as well as movable freight cranes.

What will your application be? Just ask EandM!

Photoelectric Sensors

EandM is your one-stop shop for SICK photoelectrics – over 2000 available! And, the more difficult your application is, the more SICK eats it up. In fact, 350 patents mean that SICK R&D is continuously looking to improve and extend their product line.

SICK Industrial Sensors reliably sort, count, inspect, measure, recognize and verify the position, size and overall shape of objects. Contrast sensors recognize differences in material brightness and color.

Even fiber optic versions are available (with "teach-in" too!).

Background Suppression Sensors

Physically out of space to mount a receiver? Wiring too difficult or complex? SICK background suppression photoelectric sensors offer you the dependability of a through-beam sensor with half the wiring because the receiver is mounted with the emitter.

Through-beam Sensors

When dependability is the highest criteria for a sensor, SICK through-beam sensors are unbeatable – there are hundreds to choose from in any form factor you can think of. Let every nook and cranny be Sick Sensored!

Retro-reflective Sensors

Looking for a low-cost alternative to thru-beam? Go retro! Go Retroreflective! Extra bonus – easy to install and adjust because the reflector can pick up the emitted light from a wide-angle range. The reflector returns the light in the exact direction it has been received.

Clear Sensors

Clear bottles? Clear labels? Clear wafers? Clear bags? Anything! SICK clear-sensing photoelectric sensors are clearly sensational. To most sensors, clear can be invisible but SICK smart sensors can even adjust to changing plant conditions like dust and humidity.

Color Sensors

Having registration problems? Trouble monitoring product quality? Start QA-ing with color! SICK color sensors use 3 LEDs instead of bulbs to detect color so that you have hugely extended product life AND you can detect up to 3 separate colors individually. Color sensors identify and differentiate objects by color and SICK's smart "teach” mode makes programming a snap!

Luminescent Sensors

Concerned about safety seals on food packaging? Looking for a way to write secret codes for routing or batch identification on your packaging? Try ultraviolet or luminescent ink! Sick luminescent sensors can detect sheer luminescence and fluorescence that won't affect your packaging design.

Registration Mark Sensors

Tough labeling application? Cutting off the mark? Try the SICK registration mark sensor! It's the fastest in the industry at 10,000 cycles per second. Snip snip!

Measurement Sensors

Having problems with high accuracy position and motion control? Or tricky alignment or positioning requirements? SICK measurement sensors have 3 micron resolution at less than $450 – the best resolution per dollar ratio in the industry!

Profiling and Positioning Sensors

Tired of spilling liquids on the packaging line because a simple cap is missing? Try a profiling and positioning sensor – it'll let you know when to expect spilled milk.

Laser Measurement Systems (LMS)

Need to identify the size, type, quantity or profile of an object or load by profile? That's the LMS's job! Area monitoring up to 200 feet in each direction so you determine the size of vehicles or person to monitor security and access control.

SICK Laser Measurement devices are non-contact measuring systems, which scan two-dimensionally, with no requirement for reflectors or markers.


  • LMS reads the profiles of cars whizzing down the autobahn at 70 mph. And accurately tells you the model of every car by its profile.
  • Removing freight from ships or trains? Prevent expensive collisions by "seeing” an object up to 50m away using a laser fan.
  • Measuring odd lots of boxes or crates as they're loaded to or from a truck or plane on a conveyer? Mount a LMS and it will signal out-of-range sizes or shapes.
  • Interested in auto-piloted robots? Star Wars robotics are here with the LMS installed as the guiding eyes.
  • Problems with web-positioning of paper or plastic rolls? The LMS signals web travel as it moves out of spec.

The SICK LMS devices are ideal for determining the volume of objects or bulk materials, determining and monitoring the position of objects, sorting and classifying, collision prevention for AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), and for positioning control.

Inductive Sensors


Metal sensors are a straightforward, inexpensive way to sense positioning for metal objects with SICK manufacturing quality.


4" range! Sense any magnetic metal from up to 4" away so you can position the sensor further from the object and out of harm's way.

Always wanted to have X-ray vision like Superman? Well, the SICK magnetic sensors can sense thru other materials up to 3" away. Now that's a super power!

Cylinder Position

SICK specialized Cylinder Positioning sensors indicate end-of-travel for a pneumatic piston.

Bar Code Readers

Moving materials isn't the issue – accurately sorting, tracking and identifying them is!

EandM offers an array of SICK cutting-edge Bar Code Scanners that bring more than 50 years of experience in photoelectric technology to meet industry's evolving needs. High performance, flexibility and usability are the hallmarks of SICK's ever-smaller, ever-faster scanners.


If you're looking for a reliable scanner that can point and shoot from 8' away AND includes a 5 year warranty, SICK handheld models may be just the ticket. In fact, the handheld models are available in wireless mode with up to 9 rechargeable scanners running off a single hub!

Fixed Mount

Do you have boxes with multiple codes? Or codes in non-repeatable position? Try the world's smallest oscillating mirror, fixed mount bar code scanner. As a bonus, you will receive surprising optic resolution at a distance – scan accurately from 8'-9' away!

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