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Siemens: Power Supplies

Power Supply SITOP ... 24V DC reliability - nonstop

Power up with maximum safety. With SITOP stabilized power supplies for 24V dc supply, you're sure of quality and reliability in industrial and building control systems. The switched mode power supply units cover standard requirements as well as highly sophisticated tasks, e.g. for supplying LOGO! and SIMATIC systems. The fanless switching power supply units take up only a small space for mounting on the DIN rail and offer security against voltage fluctuations, power failures, overloads and other safety hazards. With its unique spectrum of add-on modules, such as UPS, Redundancy, and Diagnosis module, the ac/dc power supplies can even be used for complete, all-round protection.

Power Supplies

SITOP Modular

For the most demanding 24V applications from 5 to 40A. Expandable with all SITOP add-ons.

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Slim-line universal 24V power supply from 2.5 to 10A.

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SITOP Add-ons

More safety with add-ons. Among others for redundancy, monitoring individual 24V circuits and bypassing power failures, e.g. the new DC UPS with capacitors

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SITOP Facets

Special models with special shapes, for special power networks and extreme environmental conditions.

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Alternative Output Voltages

For applications other than standard 24V voltage: 15V, 48V, 30V and adjustable 3 - 52V.

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Mini power packs for small 24V applications up to 4A, but also for 5, 12 and 15 Volt.

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Customized Solutions

Special solutions just for your application.

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