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From semiconductor tools to car wash systems, from packaging machines to medical tools, EandM has been helping OEMs in Northern California for 25 years. Our products and services have been developed to assist OEM’s at every level. Why do so many OEM’s choose EandM?

To begin with, we can:

  • Lower your hardware costs
  • Lower your production hours
  • Increase your machine reliability

But that’'s not enough.

Do you need that "for sale" sign on your machine?

Did your sales department commit to deliver that new machine by March and you are concerned about missing that date?

EandM has a local team of 20 certified control engineers that can assist you in completing your deadline.

Your first install will be in Taiwan and you'’re concerned about support?

All our products are available worldwide and support is only a phone call or email away.

Want proof?

Go to our success stories. It’'s a selection of published articles and represents only a small percentage of the OEM’s that EandM has worked with over the last 25 years.

Want to talk about your needs?

Email us at OEMs@eandm.com.

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